Okinawa the great trade of 2018

11April 29-30, 二日 betweenThe "Okinawa the great trade of 2018"To have been done.
Okinawa day temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. Akita and temperature is 18 ° C. Hot hot!

The image of domestic and international buyers and"Trader udon-udon drugs-Zen"Of the meeting venue.
The meetings and the 6 th256 suppliers from 47 prefecturesFor participation and
Japan domesticAndEast Asia and Southeast AsiaCentered onAbout 240 companies buyers likeIt's
Big big big big opportunity of participation.

The meeting took place in the individual format what you felt at the time.
In contrast to the exhibition, almost without any decoration only PC and documents.
Is talking heart-to-heart for domestic and foreign buyers, and was a really valuable time and story time.
In the future this opportunity on the edgeTrader Udon noodles and Udon noodles drugs Zen also abroadIn think our shelf life.

Our buyers, suppliers and staff with our stakeholders, thank you.

By the way, the image below is Okinawa Soba.
And coming street car at the moment of Okinawa's lunch break.
Two men at Okinawa Soba & juicy onigiri.
Eat lunch outside is nice! ~.

Akita's arrival at the temperature is 3 ° C. Severe cold weather. Warm "every compromised ~! "You want to go again.

2018December 4th.