Protecting the old-fashioned manufacturing method "Craftsmanship Aging Inaba Handicraft Udon". We will send the ultimate of gastronomy "Inaba texture" directly from the production area. Akita Prefecture HACCP Certification
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Temperature 30 ° C

Friday last week's mild winter could Saturday to Dodo-y and "doka雪". Yuzawa city of Udon noodles here at 70 cm of snow. 70 cm in 二日. And the news that eight times every year! Freeze is today much chill. Similar to image's mountains are covered with snow. Trees of the River was covered with snow. Temperature minus 3 degrees Celsius. Later tonight from the day after tomorrow is again forecast heavy snow during the day. Work with a warm temperature of 26 ° C in in about 10 days ago. Temperature temperature on the meetings in Okinawa is like a lie. The difference between 29 ° C. Images of the sea and lush nostalgia, we feel jealous. However, and this cold is "inaniwa trader noodle making, and skilled craftsmen made. December-March cold season will be full production and our manufacturing plant. Cold "Udon noodles trader" served with tempura, please enjoy. But I had to! Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.

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Okinawa the great trade of 2018

11April 29-二日 between 30 days and I went to the "Okinawa the great trade of 2018". Okinawa day temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. Akita and temperature is 18 ° C. Hot hot! Images of domestic and overseas buyers and trader udon-Udon noodles drugs table business meeting venue. 6 th meeting of the 47 prefectures centered on Japan Japan and East Asia, Southeast Asia with 256 suppliers join about 240 companies buyers like in big big big big opportunity of participation. The meeting took place in the individual format what you felt at the time. In contrast to the exhibition, almost without any decoration only PC and documents. Is talking heart-to-heart for domestic and foreign buyers, and was a really valuable time and story time. I think now this opportunity edge trader Udon noodles and Udon noodles drugs Zen in cuisine or. Our buyers, suppliers and staff with our stakeholders, thank you. By the way, the image below is Okinawa Soba. And coming street car at the moment of Okinawa's lunch break. Two men at Okinawa Soba & juicy onigiri. Eat lunch outside is nice! ~.

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