Itami airport events

I went again this year"Itami airport snow festival".
1/19-二日 for the 20 days at Itami airport monorail event square
And the Yokote Kamakura, OGA namahage"Nicki minaj Akita".

Authentic Yokote Kamakura appeared at the venue.
Until the morning 9:30 evening 5:00 after in parent-child photo long line.
In addition, UNESCO registered last year"OGA namahage"Also appeared.
Namahage real children and cried, running, makes noise.
From beginning to end was a lively event.

Last year, and turned a warm was two days anyway the wind is calm.

Thanks to the warm climate, and of commercial and physical fitness can be filled...
Osaka's famous grilled skewerWhen we enjoy.

While the fun 二日 endowed members, rises the privileged guests.
Experience no beam can come to eat this year flocked to.

2019On January 22.