Sunny snowy class

Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture, continued heavy snow is new todayClear skiesです。
Snow school lessonsSki schoolです。
I also today the morning from 9:30 has joined as a teacher.
Inagawa-ski town, old rice and opened 35 years ago, are being used as a school.
Today many students in the city 6 schools to energetically enjoying skiing.

Glashutte has been redesigned.
Unfortunately we have been taking a cafeteria menuInaniwa UdonIs not.
I ski classic "ramen, Curry and cafeteria of the Center is
Price of breakfast is very hearty.
ReasonablePrice is located next to the parking lot so you have a chance
LunchOnly but 10 minutes (work acquaintance ringtones, came to lunch only)

Is cold still tough, chewy strong even nikomi Udon"Udon noodles trader.To
I hope you can come.

2019In January 25,.