2004 Summer Gift Free shipping nationwide (including Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands) ◆ The order amount is 5 per delivery address,JPY 400(Tax)Free shipping on the above ◆ Until July 20 at 11:59 PM Orders Stick to inefficient manual work that is not suitable for mass production. I think that such a noodle factory should have "one" even in this era. Using 100% domestic wheat flour, "Iniwa Handicraft Udon" is made by a multi-hydration aging method. Safety and security in terms of raw materials and hygiene. Akita Prefecture HACCP certification.


Sunny snowy class

Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture, continued heavy snowfall is, and it's fine today. It is a skiing classrooms of elementary school in the snow. I also today the morning from 2 時 30 分 participated as a teacher. Inagawa-ski town, old rice and opened 35 years ago, are being used as a school. Today many students in the city 6 schools to energetically enjoying skiing. Glashutte has been redesigned. Unfortunately we have been taking a cafeteria menu "udon". I ski classic "ramen, Curry and Center dining room price breakfast volume plenty of is. Is reasonably priced and located next to the parking lot so you have a chance in only lunch served 10 minutes (work acquaintances ringtones, came to lunch only) nikomi udon is still severe cold, but still chewy strong inaniwa udon trader I hope you can come. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


Itami airport events

I went again this year "Itami airport snow festival". 1/19-20, 二日 between the Kamakura SideArm at Itami airport monorail events Piazza, OGA namahage and product exhibition of Akita. Authentic Yokote Kamakura appeared at the venue. Until the morning 9:30 evening 5:00 after in parent-child photo long line. In addition, OGA namahage registered by UNESCO last year also appeared. Namahage real children and cried, running, makes noise. From beginning to end was a lively event. Last year, and turned a warm was two days anyway the wind is calm. Thanks to the warm climate of commercial and physical fitness can be filled and have been enjoying an Osaka specialty skewers.... While the fun 二日 endowed members, rises the privileged guests. Experience no beam can come to eat this year flocked to. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.