"Takumi's aged Inaniwa hand-made udon" that protects the old-style manufacturing method. We will send the ultimate inaniwa texture of the food directly from the production area. Akita HACCP certification.

2019October 2008

Winter... just around the time?

Delivery of "Inaniwa Teeshi Udon" to Yamanaka... It is early, and October is tomorrow and the last day. Akita Fuji "Toriumiyama" also started to wear light snow make-up, but the mountains here in Yuzawa City are also in the end of autumn leaves. In October, the difference in temperature became large and it became a splendid color. At the gas station in the area, the letter of "November 18" snowfall forecast date is also .! I feel that the first snow is slower than usual, but the fight with the snow will start for the next five months. The coming season is "Inaniwa Teyeshi Udon" after all. Please warm your body and mind by making plenty of seasonal "mushrooms" and "yasa" etc. in the noodles. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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After all, it is a word of "good".

Today's lunch! First of all, the fried tofu is removed with hot water. Then, soy sauce, sugar, mily, stewed and seasoned. Because it is cold today, I prepare a warm "Otsuyu". Inaba Tsuyu soy sauce flavor (3 times concentrated) mirin powder soup stock Raw wakame is washed with water and japon in boiling water. Immediately raise it to cold water. After that, the undertaste is attached with "Ytsuyu". We are opening an Inaniwa udon specialty store in Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The taste of the soup and the flavor of bonito are delicious. The aroma also increases the taste even more. Today's lunch "Inaniwa Udon Young Fox". The freshly-made leeks are also dodo-don! I got on it. "Inaniwa Teshi Udon" by Turtsusi Okosico. When it gets cold, don't put out "hot noodles" after all. [Ingredients 5 people] Inaniwa Tegyu 500g Inaniwa Tsuyu 300m?1 Bottle Mirin A little powder soup stock 1 teaspoon of water 2 liters (adjusted to your taste) Deep-fried 5 pieces of raw wakame appropriate amount green onion 1/2 pieces of spring cut chili pepper appropriate amount (flavored fried tofu) Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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Again... 00 soba

またまた中華そば。 (稲庭手業うどんも週一は食べてますよ) 本日は配達&打ち合わせでにかほ市へ。 数か所へ寄り寄りで最終配達が13:30過ぎ。 ようやくの昼食は山形県酒田市の満月系の中華そば「華月」さんへお邪魔しました。 「月」系の中華といえば「雲呑(ワンタン)」です。 魚介系の薄口スープに中太縮れ麺。そして喉ごしツルツルな雲呑。 ワンタンは5~6個くらい入ってます。 スープとの相性も良い中太麺。 会計伝票はこんなに大きい手造りです。 メニュー表は各テーブルに置いてますが、注文は玄関を入ってすぐ注文というスタイル。 初めての方にはわかりにくいシステムですが、田舎風といえば・・・。 多数で行ってメニューに迷うと混乱します。 価格は記憶によると50円アップか?消費税増税後に変更か?でもこの価格ですから~! 今日のお昼は「稲庭手業うどん」の温麺にしよっと!Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

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Feel the history, the town China soba

昨日の昼食。「稲庭手業うどん」の配達後に立ち寄りました。 ここは隣町、横手市増田町にある「つばくら食堂」。会社からは車で10分ほどの所にあります。 増田町と言えば「内蔵」と「まんが美術館」があり、観光シーズンは全国からお客様が 来町するようになった場所です。蔵の通りやまんが美術館からは徒歩で10分以内の店舗です。 創業が昭和30年代と60十年以上の歴史ある風情の食事処。夜は居酒屋としてやっています。 本日のメニューは一番人気の「昔の中華そば」・・・大盛(毎週水曜日は大盛無料のようです) うっすらと浮かぶ鶏油スープに具材は「チャーシュー、のり、なると、メンマ、焼き麩、ねぎ、白ごま」 昔ながらのかん水不使用の細麺(若干ちぢれ麺)。 旨い!うまい!旨い!うまい!! これぞ昭和の時代から受け継がれている懐かしい味。 現代の脂っこいスープ、濃厚味とは一線を引き、歴史を感じる昭和人には有難い味。 カウンター上部にはメニュー表。 これも歴史を感じる作りと価格。いまどき一番高い値段のチャーシューメンで680円!驚きです! そして画像の小鉢は店主自慢の「ホルモン煮込み」 夜のメニューですが、昼食時にあれば小鉢で300円で裏メニューとして注文できます。 あくまでも裏メニュー。常連しか食べてませんので。メニュー表にはありません。 稲庭うどんの歴史も長いですが、こういう懐かしい中華そばも願く続いてほしいと思います。 つばくら食堂  増田町字関口  カウンター4席、テーブル席4人×2、座敷テーブル×2(最大12人位かな~)。 The shop is set up in the Showa era itself. The inside of the store is more and more "Showa". Self-service tea and water. Famous ... old Chinese soba, horumon yakisoba, stewed hormones, it was yu tofu. There seems to have been coverage of TV, the weekly magazine, and the magazine etc. of the travel, too. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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Udon for winter? Pot? Stewed?

The Inaniwa area is full of temperature differences. It came to fall below ten degrees in the morning and evening. It's cold and cold! Today, I would like to introduce "Inaba Handicraft Udon" for virtue that will be active in the cold season in the future. The image below is "sorting work" of the manufacturing process. Noodles made by hand, hand-kneading, hand-rolling, hand-rolling, drying and completely manually are cut to the default dimensions. Noodles cut to 26 cm are divided into four stages here. (1) Thickness of standard products (2) Non-standard thickness (3) Non-standard thickness 4 disposal (broken, extremely thick or thin .) The product introduced today is the image below [800g including normal price 1200 yen - limited special price 1000 yen (tax excluded)] It is about 8 to 10 people. The time is around 4 minutes and 30 seconds. It is lactin because the time is unexpectedly short in the boil. In the cold season from now on, Tsukemen is also OK as "simmered udon" and "pot tightening". If you are a manufacturer that is mainly gift, it is 700g to 800g around 3000 yen . How virtue! Our special price of business manufacturing and sales center! Looking at the image below, can you see the subtle differences? I think that you can confirm a subtle difference when I upload it further. It is a "expensive product" unique to hand-made manufacturing. Raw materials, manufacturing methods, and craftsmanship are the same as standard products, but they are non-standard products that come out even if they do. We would appreciate your order and inquiry by e-mail. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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Please set Akita specialty!

Speaking of Akita specialties, "Inaniwa udon", "Kiritanpo", "Irikko" and so on, but today is the introduction of the original cedar box set that is packed with Inaniwa Tegyo Udon, Inaniwa Tsuyu, and "Irikko". The gloss that shines silver as shown in the image, and the throat is smooth Inaniwa udon. Unique flavor by chewing, texture is very popular "Irigako" The topic of Irikko is a staple in restaurants and izakayas, such as salads, sandwich ingredients, cheese, etc. It is a product put in our original "sugi makeup box". Inaniwa Tetsune Udon and Tsuyu are for 8 people. Irikko can be cut into about 20 cut. From now on, you can use it for New Year's day, etc. (Packaging and porridge are also available. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?x 1 bottle, Iburi gakko mini x 1 bag (Iburi gakko design, manufacturing plant, form, etc. may be changed depending on the stock situation) Product price 3,000 yen (excluding consumption tax) Shipping fee Please check the shipping page. For product details and delivery methods, etc., please contact us by e-mail. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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