"Takumi's aged Inaniwa hand-made udon" that protects the old-style manufacturing method. We will send the ultimate inaniwa texture of the food directly from the production area. Akita HACCP certification.

2019Year December

It is limited to "Sanseki production serei" after all.

This winter, the weather is blessed. The heavy snow fall at one o'clock does not become root snow, and it is likely to be able to greet the end of the year. Well, we have used a lot of "Inaba Handicraft Udon" today, and we have purchased "Sanseki Seri" by saying impossible to the production directly in the Sanseki district at the request of the chef of the special dish. Look at this worm, a splendid "root". Miseki's "roots" are also crispy and crunchy. It plays an active part when it is fresh with the pickitanpo pot, the rice sauce, the boil, and the pickle. The chef really wanted to respond to the request from a regular customer to eat "kuritanpo pot using authentic ingredients". It is severe when it is through the sanseki serei -wholesaler within two days of the harvest of the demand that the real Hiuchi chicken, hiuchi chicken straight soup, and the thick "Kiridanpo" absolutely want to eat. It is a shipment to the transaction to set this. Request from the head chef who uses "Inaba Teko Udon" every day. In addition, we meet the expectations of fans of Akita ingredients. We provide direct shipping from the production area. We will continue to respond to the needs of restaurants and restaurants that have traded "Inaba Teko Udon" and will continue to respond to the advertisement of ingredients from Akita. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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Dododo and "Expensive"

The biggest snowfall of the year since yesterday! It is already an amount that exceeds boots. About 40-50cm. Today we are snowing for the third time since the morning. How much of the road is rattling? Today, we introduce "super-expensive items" that are usually sold only at "road stations" and "souvenir shops" in Akita Prefecture. It is a virtue article of 1000g (about 10-12 people). Since the end of November, the number of tourists has been fewer, and we are finally able to make stock, and we will sell it to customers who visit our website in limited quantities and for a limited time. It is an unsastled product that has been "length", "thickness", and "broken in process" for hand-made manufacturing. It is a "by-product" that comes out in the manufacturing process of Inaniwa Te industry udon. See "Quantity" in the display. It's 1000g. Gift items are usually around 700g to 800g.,About 000... It's 1000g. How "super good deals" There are roses, but you can enjoy the handmade flavor. It's getting colder and colder from now on. Please warm your body and heart with warm "Inaniwa Teshin Udon" tempura. The expiration date is about two years. Moreover, it is room temperature preservation. Boiled time is 3 minutes 30 seconds to 4 minutes 30 seconds. It's very easy (see hp's cooking video) Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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