"Takumi's aged Inaniwa hand-made udon" that protects the old-style manufacturing method. We will send the ultimate inaniwa texture of the food directly from the production area. Akita HACCP certification.


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Inaba Handicraft Udon "Two Kinds of Tsuyu" has been viewed a lot recently. You can enjoy two flavors: "Soy Sauce Flavor" and the simple recipe "Gomatsu Yumimi" in inaba tedo-ko udon. The material is simple. In addition to the image below, "Miso" and "Sugar" are prepared. It is a material of about three to four servings. ・Inaba Tsuyu-soy sauce taste 50cc, 100cc- Dressing is so sour, so be careful, water 150cc, sugar 2 tablespoons, miso teaspoon, walnuts, peanut butter, etc. ※ Please adjust the ingredients to your liking. It's just a cook's recipe. [Commercial motted] 【Our confident work of "Inaba Tsuyu (soy sauce taste)], it is by far the best deal when I buy it together.?Check the online shop [commercial "walnut" or "peanut butter"] the menu is also very difficult to eat in the home. In the hot season coming, chill the "Inaba Teko udon" with ice water and enjoy it with the original tsutoko family. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.

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Comic surprise [Special Price]

Today is an introduction at a quantity and a limited-time super-expensive set of about 30 people [special price].      Inaniwa Tegyo Udon Chef Tailoring 500g2 Bag Inaniwa Tegyo Udon Tokuyo Taimen 800g2 Bag Inaniwa Tsuyu 300ml (Soy Sauce Flavor) 4 Bottles Shipping / Delivery Fee,Offered at 000 (excluding tax). (For those on remote islands in Okinawa Prefecture, the special price is 6 yen.),300]) Price details are available online shop on our website.?Please check what's new in . It is a product of the following image. What the he's going to do! About 30 people in front. Due to the recent new virus, there are more and more opportunities to eat at home. Special price of household support price (including product price/ postage / cash on delivery fee) You can enjoy deliciously from small children to elderly people. Even with home cooking utensils, with an original recipe that can make even more delicious "Ina garden texture". The right side of the image is the noodle line of "Cook tailoring 500g".     On the left is noodles of "Tokuyo Taimen 800g". You can cook Tsukemen or Hot Noodles by selecting your favorite thickness. "Tokuyo Taimen" is a noodle other 綯 the company's prescribed thickness that can be made in the manufacturing process because of the hand-made manufacturing method. Tsuyu is not only a classic soy sauce taste, but also sesame soup is recommended. Don don't eat with two flavors. It is a super deal set of quantity and a limited time. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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It was still March.

Pampas grass and clear stream. This image is in the middle of delivery on March 31. fine weather15°C on this day blessed with It is already "Suisen" in the vicinity where the pampas grass also has become straight. "Suisen" with yellow flowers. By the way, it's still March. This is a heavy snowfall area in Akita.It is "Yuzawa City". It was a scenery that really felt warm winter. The pure sere of the river, the mountains in the back do not feel the appearance of winter at all. There was no work such as daily snow removal and roof snow removal, and it was really helpful, but I was worried about what the coming season would be like. We hope that the virus problem will be solved quickly and that it will be a calm day. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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