"Takumi's aged Inaniwa hand-made udon" that protects the old-style manufacturing method. We will send the ultimate inaniwa texture of the food directly from the production area. Akita HACCP certification.

2020May this year

In the middle of the shop, Akita cedar box

"Inaniwa Tegyo Udon" has been patronized by various restaurants for business use. Today is a proposal for "This Summer's Chugen". When it comes to assorted Inaniwa udon, "Tsuyu" and "Yamana" are the mainstream. The set of this introduction is our "Inaniwa Teigyo Udon" which has been made by hand by aging and maturation with multi-water water, and the original "Inaniwa Tsuyu" which has been popular since its release. In addition, on behalf of Akita Prefecture, we set up "Iburigakko" specially, which has become famous nationwide. We packed it in an original wooden box with a sense of luxury using cedar wood of Akita. It is a gem that the person who gives it and the person who receives it also become a smile. Selling price 5,000 yen (tax excluded) Contents Inaniwa hand udon 100g x 8 bags Inaniwa Tsuyu 300 ml x 1 bag Iburigakko (strip slices) x 1 bag sales period from June to the end of July Limited quantity attention image is an image. There is no bamboo in it. Product design, etc. may be changed. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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