Protecting the old-fashioned manufacturing method "Craftsmanship Aging Inaba Handicraft Udon". We will send the ultimate of gastronomy "Inaba texture" directly from the production area. Akita Prefecture HACCP Certification
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I ate it!

Today is hot and hot hot ... hot - Akita is also a midsummer day ~~~~~~ ! Today's lunch~~~! Sumine-n! Even if I had a bento, I ate Inaniwa Yingying Udon as a "main food" instead of "trial eating" at our office. It's not! The noodles are of course chilled, and the "Inaniwa sauce and soy sauce flavor" are also chilled, and the wasabi and green onions are slurped! By the way, the original recipe "Sesame Miso Soup" is also ~~~ ! Ah, it was delicious. Today's impressions Are over! Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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HP, quantity, limited time.

It is Yuzawa city which has recorded 30 degrees since yesterday though it is still early June. The intense heat every day is also plagued by skilled craftsmen. Struggling due to temperature and humidity. The clock-in time is also early, and the lunch break is almost lost. A craftsman who is particular about multi-water preparation. A craftsman who is particular about aging and aging. Even though it is to make delicious "Inaniwa Teigyo Udon and Inaniwa Yakuzen Udon". I'm sorry as a manager. As you know, we have mainly been engaged in business for restaurants, but we will sell the taste of craftsmanship made by multi-water ripening for a limited time this summer. A set of "Inaniwa Teigyo Udon" and "Inaniwa Yakuzen Udon" which had many requests. The scent of Akita cedar spreads at the moment of untieing the package in the hand of the previous person. A skilled craftsman says, "Everything is determined by drying." It takes about 42 to 45 hours of ripening from multi-water preparation to the end of drying. White flour becomes "light amber" by repeating "aging". Please enjoy the strength of the throat and firmness "Inaniwa texture". [Inaniwa Yakuzen Udon] shines in a vivid "golden color". Please enjoy it with health to the taste. Please use it as a gift of this summer by all means. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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JAL Shop Limited Edition

"Inaniwa Teigyo Udon" has been favored by many restaurants for business use, and customers of the shop also enjoy "Inaniwa texture". This summer, we accepted "deliciousness" and received handling it in JALUX's catalog and online shopping. "Inaniwa Teigyo Udon" with vivid throat and luster "Inaniwa Yakuzen Udon" kneaded with turmeric in consideration of health "Inaniwa Yakuzen Udon" "Inaniwa Tsuyu" which further enhances the deliciousness of noodles was packed into Akita's old-fashioned cedar box. 5,000 yen with soup and 3,Two types without soup of 000 yen. JALUX's "Gourmet First Class Limited Edition".   To that person who took care of me... to the destination where I understand the commitment ... a refreshing smell of cedar spreads at the moment of unwraping the package. This summer, "Inaniwa texture" makes a happy smile bloom. ※ Direct sales from our company can not be contracted. Thank you for your understanding. For applications and details, please check the JAL Shop official address Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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