We insist on inefficient manual work that is not suitable for mass production. Even in this era, such a noodle factory thinks that "it is good to have one". "Inaba Handicraft Udon" uses 100% domestic flour and is made by the multi-additive water aging method. Safety and security in terms of both raw materials and hygiene. Akita Prefecture HACCP certification.


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Apart from the shop price, we propose "quotation" and "sample".

An old-fashioned method using 100% domestic flour and aged with multiple waters.
Please be sure to sample and judge the aged "Inaba texture" of the craftsman.

It is a "special price" of 1 case unit (from 500g × 10 bags).
Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. It is stored at room temperature.

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About "Craftsman's Aging" Inaba Handicraft Udon Using 100% Domestic Wheat Flour

Our company's "Inaba Handicraft Udon" is manufactured by hand over 4 days using 100% domestic flour and "hand kneading", "hand binding", "hand stretching" and "drying" by the method of multi-layered water (about 60%) aged by skilled craftsmen sticking to the old-fashioned traditional manufacturing method.
The "artisan aging" that the craftsman is particular about is more than 43 hours in total. The dough by adding water is joined slowly and carefully, and even the surface of the noodles becomes silky to the touch. We believe that the fact that the noodle line maintains almost the same thinness (thickness) even after boiling is due to "multi-additive water aging".

Just as there is yeast in Japan sake and miso soy sauce factories, there is also this "yeast" in the Inaba udon factory. Taking advantage of this yeast, "craftsman aging" by craftsman's intuition that repeats aging by the multi-additive water aging manufacturing method brings out the original rich flavor of wheat and makes it into "light amber color" noodles. We sell "Inaba Udon" which is a specialty that foodies like.

The best "inaniwa texture" that makes artisans mature foodies

When boiled, it creates "shiny shiny" and becomes a unique "inaniwa texture" that "firmness is strong and smooth with a smooth throat", resulting in an elegant and luxurious taste.

On our website, we introduce a wide range of information, from the manufacturing process of Inaniwa Udon, which has a texture that makes a beautiful person, to cooking methods for delicious eating, and the beautiful four seasons of the local Inaniwa town that created Inaniwa Udon.

Old-fashioned manufacturing method = Inefficient = "Craftsmanship aging" Inaba handicraft udon

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