2019On February 12. : Dalmatians and snow fault

2019On February 5th. : I went again this year.

2019年1月25日 : Sunny snowy class

2019On January 22. : Itami airport events

2018年12月13日 : Temperature 30 ° C

* Food and beverage stores customers ' special prices» next will!
If you use Udon noodles "commercial" in the food and beverage shops
«Special price», the will be supplied.
Because we offer the "quote" on the shop price
Please contact us by email. Is obtained by far is the case.

About our udon trader

Our udon trader, this way 30 years of skilled artisans of ancient lore "hand made", "invents the hand" "hand of" dry and 4 days, we manufacture completely handmade.

Is yeast sake and miso soy sauce manufacturing plant there this yeast in the same noodle factory, is this also contributes to determining the "taste" has become.

And the unique taste of the unique hand-crafted workman to skate, firm noodles boiled with there sleek texture and moderate texture.

Trader inaniwa udon Akita representing the specialties of local fruits and Akita please let me introduce our company.

Handmade Udon noodles-inaniwa trader udon = human resources

Inaniwa shall London communications